Short Straight Track Pack


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BrickTracks™ manufactures high quality custom track pieces for use with LEGO® trains. 

Precision Engineered

Injection Molded ABS Plastic

Compatible with LEGO® Tracks

Short Straight Track Pack

Tracks not lining up on your layout? Need to fill in some gaps to make your tracks connect? The small straight track pack is perfect for filling those gaps or just plain making it work. Pack includes four (4) 1/2 length (8-stud) straight tracks, eight (8) 1/4 length (4-stud) tracks, and eight (8) 1/10 length (1.6-stud) tracks, perfect for working odd corners, yard ladders, and s-bends. Track pieces are dark bluish-gray, and as always, injection molded ABS to blend seemlessly with your other tracks.For non-powered or battery-operated trains only.

Weight 0,3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 9 cm

20 pcs

Need some inspiration?

We have put together a number of Track Extension Set for you. 

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