R120 Curve x8


8x R120 curves for use with battery powered trains, enough for a quarter circle. Color is dark bluish-gray.

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BrickTracks™ manufactures high quality custom track pieces for use with LEGO® trains. 

Precision Engineered

Injection Molded ABS Plastic

Compatible with LEGO® Tracks

R120 Curve x8

R120 curves have a radius of 120 studs, measured from the centerline of the track. The outside diameter of a circle of R120 curves is 78″ (1984mm). A single track segment covers 11.25°.

These tracks are all plastic, and work with any push- or battery-powered LEGO® train (namely Power Functions). They are not compatible with the older 9V or 12V train motors.

Each set includes 8 track segments, enough for a 1/4 circle.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 9 cm

8 pcs

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We have put together a number of Track Extension Set for you. 

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