DRG Class 24

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The DRG Class 24 was a series of steam locomotives used for transporting both passenger and light goods of the German National Railway (Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft or DRG).


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DRG Class 24

In the 1920s the German National Railway (Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft or DRG) needed a smal locomotive with a separate tender for the long side routes in the flat regions of Germany. The locomotives were intended for transporting both passenger and light goods. It was important that the new locomotive use parts that were standardized, so maintenance could be carried out faster and cheaper. The locomotives were popular by the staff because of their good and economical driving characteristics. Because they drode on the long side routes of East and West Prussia, they got the nickname prairie horse. Between the years 1928 and 1940, a total of 95 Class 24 locomotives were built.

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