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These metal monsters were the best of their kind and definitely the best option any railway company could get. For many years they were all you would see on the railways in Europe. Come have a look, and expand your Lego collection with these amazing locomotives.


What is a locomotive without wagons? We have designed a number of wagons to complete your train collection. From Prussian Express Coach to the small Low Side Car. You will find it here! 


A lot has to be done to keep the locomotives in service. Railyards are the place where is all happens. Steam locomotives are provided with water and coal. Goods are being loaded. Complete your railyard now.


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BrickTracks™ manufactures high quality custom track pieces for use with LEGO® trains. Whether you’re building a detailed layout or just laying tracks on the floor, BrickTracks™ tracks will help you to expand your railroad beyond the standard LEGO® tracks.


Do you have enough bricks? Or just enjoy the process of sourcing the parts. Then you can choose for a building instruction. A printed book with steps that are easy to follow will help you to create your own masterpiece.



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