Steam locomotives


Brick Owl is a LEGO® marketplace with a wide variety of stores for you to buy your Lego from. Are you missing parts or are you building a beautiful MOC? Have a look in our store on BrickOwl.


Bricklink is the largest LEGO® marketplace in the world. You can find there almost all parts that Lego have made. HA bricks has a shop on Bricklink with more than 1.4 million parts. Collect the parts you need!

About us

Welcome to our website. This is a website full of exquisitely detailed model trains and wagons, made out of LEGO® bricks. HA bricks was founded at the beginning of 2014 by a LEGO® enthusiast. The idea was simple: “Designing detailed trains, wagons and railway items for other LEGO® fans, so they can enlarge their collection. Every single train on this webshop is designed by ourselves. The trains will be delivered as a complete and new construction set, including a blueprint and stickers.

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