Prussian T3
Prussian T3 with waggons from the early 20th century
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Welcome to our website. This is a website full of exquisitely detailed model trains and wagons, made out of Lego bricks. HA bricks was founded at the beginning of 2014 by a Lego enthusiast. The idea was simple: “Designing detailed Lego trains for other Lego fans, so they can enlarge their Lego collection”. Every single train on this webshop is designed by ourselves. The trains will be delivered as a complete and new construction set, including a blueprint and stickers.

Unique design

Exquisitely detailed models of real-life trains. A new star in your collection.

100% LEGO® parts

Genuine LEGO® parts are used in this model. The train wheels are from Big Ben Bricks.

Building fun

A colorful building instruction that is easy to follow and provides a lot of building fun.

Looking for Lego parts?


In this category, you can find locomotives ranged from heavy steam locomotives to small railroad locomotives (or switchers). These metal monsters were the best of their kind and definitely the best option any railway company could get. For many years they were all you would see on the railways in Europe. Come have a look, and expand your Lego collection with these amazing locomotives.


You will find all the latest news of HA bricks on our facebook page. Follow us and you will miss nothing!

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